About Us

We Make It Easy For You

At QPA we thrive on bringing a vision to reality. We take pride in making that transition personal, and as seamless as possible. The thought of going through any type of construction, renovation or new build can seem daunting, but we are here to help. The experienced team at QPA look forward to meeting any challenges that may arise. Let us break the mould of the construction industry and surprise you with our organisation, and commitment to projects.

QPA client calendar process

Did You Say Custom Built Website For Every Job?

You read that correctly. We create a website for your project, only accessible by the people that have the link. A live calendar is created to view the agenda of trades or important deadlines. Client interaction has never been so easy, with all job-related documents in the documents section of the website. There is also client variations, material selections and more. Time to be in the loop!