Pioneer Concrete Sleepers

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Pioneer Concrete Sleepers

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Austral Masonry – Pioneer Concrete Sleepers retaining wall system to build beautiful retaining walls, raised garden and vegetable beds, garden edging or even stepping slopes. Their massive range of styles and colours mean that you can choose a Pioneer product that will suit your style and compliment your home, whether it be a new project or renovation.

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Pioneer Concrete Sleepers have been specifically engineered to be suitable for retaining walls, garden edging and raised garden beds up to a height of 2 meters. These concrete sleepers and long-lasting hot dipped galvanised steel post system are strong and durable. They are not susceptible to rot, termites or warping meaning that they will stand the test of time which means you can rest assured knowing that the improvements you are making to your home will last. Furthermore, the Pioneer Concrete Sleepers satisfies the requirements of the Australian Standards for Earth-Retaining Structures as well as the standards of Hot Dip Galvanizing and comes with a 35-year warranty which are two more reasons we at QPA are so confident in their products.

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Pioneer Concrete Sleeper Components

The Pioneer Concrete Sleepers retaining wall system includes your choice of concrete sleepers and steel posts.

✔ Concrete Sleepers

The Pioneer Concrete Sleepers are a reinforced engineer designed product meaning that they are strong and reliable come in a range of colours and looks to match the style of any home. They start at 1200mm lengths x 200mm in height x 75mm wide and are designed to go to a maximum height of 2 metres. You can choose their Smooth, Sandstone or Timber-look concrete sleepers. They are so versatile that you can even paint them to get an even more seamless fit into your existing landscape.

✔ Steel Posts

The Pioneer Galvanised Steel Posts are designed to give long-lasting protection against weather and corrosion. They come in joiner posts, corner posts and ender posts and are available from 1.15m up to 3.95m lengths meaning that they can suit any size project. These posts are sold by full length and it is recommended that you double height of your project to determine the length of post you need. For example, for a 1.0m retaining wall you would need a 2.0m post.


Together these components can come together to create beautifully designed, hard-wearing retaining walls, raised garden beds, garden edging or stepping slopes. Get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss how we can help you to achieve the dream you have for your outdoor space. We will help you to decide the right style sleeper for your project, the amount you will need as well as get you the right size steel posts.

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Advantages of Pioneer Concrete Sleepers

✔  Minimal maintenance
✔   Quick and easy installation
✔   35-year warranty
✔   Australian designed and manufactured
✔   Variety of finishes, colours and textures – can suit any style!