Blue Mountains Pergola

About This Project

Pergola Project

This pergola was one of the most interesting jobs we have completed in our careers. What can seem like a simple pergola at a glance can redefine the meaning of challenging at a closer look. To begin, the driveway to access the pergola was at times, close to 45 degrees. A real achilles stretcher.

The set out for this pergola had no side the same, varying in angles and lengths to trace the existing deck. Obtaining falls from the pitched roof required diminishing battens for our guttering systems.

Perched up in the valley of this blue mountain setting, it was like this pergola was meant to be there, blending seamlessly into its surroundings and into the existing dwelling, the pergola stood as the centrepiece of their family home.

These were great clients to work for and knew exactly what they wanted, putting in the research before the project kicked off was crucial. We rewarded them with finishing before the deadline, the crew worked hard as our client works night shift we wanted to get out of their hair as soon as possible so they could enjoy their days under their new entertainment area.