Carpentry Services

With beautiful timber and great craftsmanship you can take an outdoor space to a whole new level. You’ll see this passion for quality timber and craftsmanship shine through in many of our carpenters projects.

Our carpenters focus particularly on those structures that bring the outdoors and indoors together in a cohesive way. This includes things like verandas, decks, patios, pergolas, cabanas and even saunas.

We can even take your outdoor space further with things like a super-practical, water-resistant outdoor kitchen and stackable doors that seamlessly weave your home and outdoor spaces together.

Thinking of opening up your existing kitchen or family room and bringing the outdoors in? Our team of local carpenters in the Sutherland Shire can help here too.

Here’s what our carpenters can help with:

Deck construction

Whether it’s the construction of a new deck from scratch or the refurbishment or extension of an existing deck, we can provide a range of options to suit your lifestyle, site and budget.

Veranda and patio construction

As with deck construction, we can offer a range of different veranda and patio options to suit your home, lifestyle and budget. We can also help with things like carports and protective sunshields over kids play areas.

Pergolas, cabanas and saunas

Looking for that special feature for your outdoor living space? We can help plan and construct a variety of functional and eye-catching outdoor structures including pergolas, cabanas, saunas and anything you can dream up.

Outdoor kitchens, bar and barbeque construction

An all-purpose, water-resistant outdoor kitchen is one those outdoor living spaces that at first seems a little decadent, but you soon realise you can’t live without. We can take care of all aspects of designing, constructing, fitting and equipping your outdoor kitchen, bar or barbeque to suit your outdoor lifestyle and how you entertain.

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How it works

Depending on what your carpentry project requires, our team of qualified and highly experienced carpenters can work from your existing plans or help you plan your project from scratch. One of our design specialists will be happy to visit your home and offer thoughts and suggestions on the best way to achieve whatever outdoor construction ideas you have in mind. Once we’ve clearly established what your project looks like, one of our designers will draw up your final plans ready for approval and construction.


When it comes to construction, you name it and our team of building, carpentry and landscaping specialists can create it. As we work as one team, we ensure every element of your project comes together in a cohesive and beautiful whole.

You can read more about how we do things here.

The benefits of local focus

As local carpenters in Sutherland Shire, we provide expert local knowledge and extensive experience in local construction regulations and requirements. It’s that added dimension of experience that provides peace of mind.


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