Knotwood Dealers & Installers

Knotwood is an Australian designed and made product created to bring the beauty and natural feel of wood into any project without the impact on the environment or the time consuming maintenance or expense. Using a process called sublimation, a process that has been tested the world over for durability, you can rest assured knowing that using Knotwood product throughout your home is not only environmentally friendly but will also last. Knotwood is such a versatile product that you can use it in a range of projects around your home from aluminium fencing, screens, gates, aluminium cladding, aluminium facades, alumiminum decking, pergolas, awnings, shutters and balustrade. Available in a range of colours and with their unique Knotwood wood grain aluminium you can achieve some truly beautiful things with this product that will suit any style.

Check out the many different ways you can use Knotwood in your home and discover why QPA is proud to be an installer of this amazingly versatile product.

Knotwood Fencing

A well-designed fence can enhance any property and as such the unique wood grain look of the Knotwood aluminium fencing system is a great choice if you are looking to add a fence to your home. Their simple fencing systems are easy to install, low-maintenance and durable. Available in a wide range of colours along with their modular system allowing you to choose fence height and the size and width of the slats gives you true freedom to achieve any look that you desire for your home.

knotwood fence

Knotwood Gates

No matter where you need the gate in your home whether it be a driveway, front entrance, side of the house or the pool, Knotwood has got you covered. Their durable make means that repeated use over time will not weary them and you can rest assured knowing that having this quality product installed will stand the test of time. Available in that same great colour range and different slat sizes and widths we can help you to create any look you desire.

Knotwood Screens

Adding a screen to your home is a stylish way to get more privacy while still allowing for airflow and sunlight. The Knotwood screen systems have been designed to suit any application of a screen so no matter where you need one in your home, they have a solution for you that the qualified team at QPA can install for you.

knotwood screen
knotwood cladding

Knotwood Cladding & Soffits

Using Knotwood to clad your home is a great way to dramatically transform the appearance of your building while also helping to protect it from the effects of the weather. The lightweight yet strong and durable design is low maintenance and will never require repainting meaning that it is an extremely practical and cost effective solution for your building.

Knotwood Facades

A Knotwood façade will give anyone that sees your home or building a beautiful first impression. Combining that with the strength and durability of the product, Knotwood’s façade system is an amazing choice to transform the appearance of your building while also increasing its value. Not only will it add an architectural feature to your home but if utilised correctly it can also help to create privacy and sunlight control. Designed to be attached to any structural element the Knotwood façade system can be used to achieve any look you desire.

knotwood facade
knotwood awning

Knotwood Awning & Pergolas

Being able to truly take advantage of all our great Australian weather means having a thoughtfully designed outdoor space. The Knotwood pergola and awning system can help you do just that. Offering shade and shelter while also reducing temperatures means that you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long. Designed with flexibility in mind the pergola and awning system is capable of spanning large areas so no matter the size of the job, Knotwood is the right product for you.

Knotwood Decking

Adding a deck to your home is a great way to take advantage of all your house has to offer. The Knotwood decking system is lightweight and durable and requires minimal maintenance meaning that once installed you can enjoy your beautiful deck without having to worry about any time consuming upkeep or the cost of repairs. Available in the same wide range of colours, size and widths and its easy installation means that you can have the deck of your dreams in no time.

knotwood deck
knotwood balustrade

Knotwood Balustrades

Balustrades are a safety requirement but that does not mean that they have to bring down the look of your home. Knotwood’s aluminium balustrade system are a strong and safe choice that do not compromise on style. Based on simple slat design the balustrade system gives you the freedom to design any look you like while not compromising on safety.

Knotwood Shutters

Shutters are a great way to add some privacy to your indoor or outdoor living areas while still being able to enjoy the view. They can be custom built to the size, colour and design of your choice and will not corrode, discolour or require any maintenance over time.

knotwood shutters